For United States visitors


I have a lot of time for American poets,
and Flarestack have published a few collections by US writers:

MY JOURNEY AS AN UNHARMONIOUS BEING, by Jessica Harman -“urban girlie surrealism” illustrated with the author’s drawings & photographs. Jessica, born in Montreal, lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, and works at Harvard Medical Centre. She was formerly editor of Matrix magazine.

VALENCE, by Sarah Ruth Jacobs. Sarah is from Bangor, Maine. Her collection came out while she was a 21 year old, studying at Cornell University.


THE OTHER SIDE OF THUNDER, by Donna Pucciani from Chicago, deals with the relationship between the human condition and the natural world – weather, the sea, the stars, creatures…


WHAT YOU CANNOT HAVE, by Lucille Gang Shulklapper, a workshop leader for the Council for Florida Libraries and the Center for the Book.


WHEN I WAS DEAD, by George Wallace, first Poet Laureate of Suffolk County, New York and editor of PoetryBay magazine. The influence of European surrealism meets that of the Beats in George’s work.
All our pamphlets (‘chapbooks’ to you, maybe) are available to US customers, at a price of $7.00 each (plus $2.00 for postage & packing). I will normally send books out with a dollar invoice which you can pay by check (to Flarestack Publishing) or by simply mailing dollar bills if that suits you better

– and you are welcome to join the growing number of US subscribers to OWP magazine, including the University Of Wisconsin at Madison, and the University of New York at Buffalo. If you’re in New York City, remember there are copies filed at the Poets House, 72 Spring Street -second floor – NY 10012 (phone 212-431-7920). Email me at for current overseas subscription rates

and I welcome poetry submissions from the USA. See the submissions page for address etc.