Writing is an art as they say. But in most cases, it is the emotions and the circumstances that make someone a great writer. The same applies when it comes to poetry as well. Poetry is something that comes from within, and all of us must have written peons at different stages of our lives. Not all of us are born poets. In the event that we are interested in writing poems, you can always hone your skills and change the amateurish poet inside you to a real poet. So here are some of the tips that you will have to follow to write better poems.

5 Simple Tips for Writing better Poetry

Choose the right topic:

Unless you have already defined your reason, in case if you are trying to write something leisurely the first thing that you have to do is to fix a topic and make sure that you don’t deviate from it. If you keep deviating, then you have a hard time consolidating your thoughts. So fix a topic that you like, and you know a lot about and stick to it.

Think different:

The most significant part of writing a poem is to stand away from the crowd. A poet is always expected to travel on the road less travelled. He has to avoid all the clichés and make things sound different. This will help people get a better and different perspective on things. Not many of us are aware of the fact that poems can highly influence the lives of people. So be realistic and unique.

Beautify your words:

The main difference between writing a poem, an essay and a note is the way we beautify the language. It becomes the obligation of the poet to incorporate the beauty elements that are part of grammar. The more you use grammar and its tools the more you will sound poetic. So try to make use of the grammar tools in English and beautify your poem.

Make changes:

Until you are completely satisfied with the output that you have given, keep modifying the poem that you have written, over a period you will be able to make it better. A check on the poem all the time will also help you incorporate better things and makes you sound more realistic. At least during the initial stages of learning, you are expected to spend a lot of time with your poems, so that they out better.

It is not always about the rhyme scheme:

Yes, it is true that a rhyme scheme will make your poems sound better and it is also one of the easiest ways to convince the reader that it is poetry. But in the process of defining yourself as a poet. You need not always have to use rhyme scheme to make your words sound poetic. There are many other ways. You will also have to read the works of great poets to find out the ways in which language can be used to express oneself poetically.


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