The amount of information found in every platform – the internet, magazines, newspapers, social media space, has increased so much that it takes so much to capture and hold the attention and interest of people to read any content. With this, writers are compelled to take extra steps and effort to elevate the quality of their content.

Below are a couple tips and ideas to help writers and content creators to increase and upgrade their reader engagement.

Tips to Increase Reader Engagement 

  1. Upgrade Your Content

Upgrading your content means that you should provide your audience with an output that is multiple times better than other writers are working on. Doing so is not a walk in the park.

To do this, you should start brainstorming ideas and utilize the best one of all. Then, you can proceed in researching intensely into it.

After researching it, you should be able to proceed with the delivery and presentation. Though it’s tempting to feed your readers as many information that you can, doing this would risk your chance of having your reader reading your content up to the very last sentence. Great content doesn’t have to be lengthy. Also, it’s better if you can package everything in a short, but concise and accurate content.

  1. Incorporate Q&A

Adding a Q&A feature in your writing would not only allow you to catch your reader’s interest and attention, but through this, you are also able to give your audience an “leisurely stroll” while they’re gaining information. Moreover, this is also a great strategy in allowing your readers to have a different experience in absorbing and acquiring knowledge.

However, you should make sure that the questions that you will be incorporating are lengthy and tedious, and the answers should also be in the same manner.

  1. Utilize GIFs Instead of Images

It is strategically better to use GIFs instead of static images for they can capture audiences better. There are a lot of tools and software that will aid you in this; you have to be able to determine which one suits and helps your cause better

However, you should still maintain the quality of your work. Don’t get too caught up in using GIFs, and remember that, ideally, you should only use them to highlight the gist of your writing. Make sure that the GIF that you use maintains adherence to the context of your content.

  1. Create Videos

You will most likely engage your reader with your content if you utilize videos, especially in today’s age. Through this, you will be able to connect better with your audience for some messages and content are much efficiently delivered if they are done with the aid of visuals and audio.

Doing this doesn’t mean that you should hire expensive professionals and equipment to make a video. There are a number of accessible tools that you can use to be able to deliver this type of strategy, and most of them are user-friendly.

  1. Make Your Content Interactive

One of the best ways to catch your reader’s attention is to have them interact with your content. Having quizzes or pop questions in your writing would be a good strategy.

Doing this also means that you should be able to do it effectively, and not stray from the point of your writing. Below are a few tools that you can utilize to make your readers engage and interact with your content.

Polls – Through this, you can test your whole audience and let them know the responses of others too.

Music – You can incorporate music to create references based on your content while reading your writing.

Quizzes – Using quizzes is an excellent idea to engage your readers more with your content. This way, they would most likely become entertained than just reading the dull material.

  1. Incorporate Social Media Sharing

It has been proven that contents that utilize social media sharing buttons generate more audience compared to sites that don’t. Through this, you are not only able to make your writing interesting, but you are also giving it the chance of being spread by your readers; thus, expanding your base audience.

  1. Include Easter Eggs

Pique the interest of your readers by giving them an element of mystery and puzzlement in your content. Capture their attention by incorporating features that they can only access after they can meet a few steps that you designed, but remember to keep it simple and not hardcore. Keep it fun and light.

In making your content more engaging and exciting, it is still essential to taking control of the extra efforts that you are taking. Remember not to overdo every strategy, and always maintain the brand of your content.

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