Freelance writers work at the heart of their own home. That means there is freedom and flexibility combined. Want to work at this hour? Then go on! Want to work tomorrow? Then do it. To think of it, being a freelance writer is like having a one long vacation.

However, it isn’t. Working at home indeed have its advantages but what if you want to take a dip at the beach? Or just travel to the other side of the country and go camping? It’s not impossible to take a vacation. In fact, we humans need to take breaks also after working for long hours.

Taking a vacation can also help you recharge so you can write more quality content when you get back home. With that said, here are six tips for freelance writers like you to get your much-needed vacation.

  1. Avoid Accepting Task on Your Scheduled Vacation Time
  2. Turning down work is a hard thing to do because without work is equal to an empty wallet. The next thing you’ll find is yourself being broke after your trip to Hawaii or something. However, what you can do is to communicate with your boss. This will let them know that you really need to go on a vacation so they can plan what to give to you ahead of time or maybe after your vacay.

  3. Work Ahead of Time
  4. Speaking of, if ever your boss gives you tasks early, then finish it as early as you can too. This will help you ease your mind that there is nothing left in your workload on time of your vacay. In addition to that, time management is the key to achieve such. There are times where we experience laziness or just distracted at all which results in tasks queueing at your email waiting to be written. So log out of all your social media accounts and start working!

  5. Tell Clients That You’ll Be Gone for a While
  6. There’s nothing worse than being bombarded with emails or phone calls from your clients waiting for their write-ups. So if you’re still at home, make sure to contact your clients ahead of time to let them know that you will be gone for a while. Be honest and open about your vacation plans and tell them why you really need to go into such. This will help you ease your guilt or anxiety out of your head. Now say hello to a relaxed vacation escapade!

  7. Create an Auto-Email Responder
  8. If you are on vacation, there’s a high chance that you will be missing important messages from your boss and clients. This will create a bad reputation for your image because you haven’t responded to their queries for days or so. Now that your anxiety has taken over you, what you can do is to create an automatic email responder to let the email app do its thing for you. Be clear on writing about the response. Include the reason and what exact day you’re going back to work.

  9. Leave Your Laptop at Home
  10. This is probably the worst idea to begin with, but leaving it at home can have its perks. You don’t want to enjoy the summer breeze of the ocean and then suddenly your boss contacted you, so you rushed back to your bed and started working. If you’ve done your work ahead of time, then there won’t be a problem.

  11. Disconnect Anything Work-Related
  12. Got a work account set up on your smartphone? Do yourself a favor and log out from it. Pretty scary huh? Of course! But it won’t last for a lifetime. You will probably log back in once you get home. You can also set your phone into airplane mode so you won’t receive any work-related messages from your boss or clients. Now that’s more like it. Now go ahead and enjoy your vacation!

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