Don’t you just hate it when you feel motivated to write, and as soon as you start opening your laptop, your brain suddenly turned into a barren wasteland? And then you find yourself having no progress and all, with lots of requirements still piling up in your email. Writer’s block is a writer’s worst enemy. However, there are ways where you can get rid of writer’s block. Continue reading down below to find out.

  1. Just Start Writing
  2. Whatever comes into your mind, just start typing it before it’s gone. You won’t even notice that you just completed a whole article. The more you write, the more you can create ideas along the way. After all, you are the artist of your own creation.

  3. Stop Overthinking
  4. Once you begin writing an article, a lot of things will pop up into your mind that will lead to overthinking. What you need to do is to calm your mind so that ideas will flow. Start by listening to relaxing music when you write or eat something because you cannot think clearly with an empty stomach.

  5. Take a Walk
  6. Talking a walk outside doesn’t mean that you have to leave your work behind; it means that you have to refresh your mind by taking a break. The more you walk, the more relax your mind will be which enables you to generate creative ideas for your articles. You never know, you will complete ten articles in just a single day with the help of walking. So what are you waiting for? Go outside and take a short walk.

  7. Scout for Relevant Sources
  8. You cannot start writing an article without a source that you can follow with, unless if it is your own. What you can do is go online and start scouting and reading relevant articles. This way, you can easily start your article because you have a source.

  9. Stop Procrastinating
  10. Aside from writer’s block, procrastinating is another enemy that most writers probably face. As soon as you start procrastinating, there is no turning back. So what to do? Log out of all your social media accounts, keep your phone away from you, and if possible, work on a place with fewer distractions. If you feel distracted at home, you can start working outside in the park or inside a study hub.

  11. Revise if Needed
  12. Remember the first tip about writing anything? There are times that when we write about anything we can think of, there will be instances where our writing quality will be fluctuating. That’s why revision is very important to ensure quality for your content. And also, revision acts as giving final touches to your write up. You can add something or remove something depending on your liking.

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