No one is perfect, let alone writers. That’s why proofreading is a must every after write-up. If only there exists a magic wand that can quickly turn our mucky write-ups into clear, grammatically correct and vocabulary-intensified one in just a blink of an eye. But sadly, no such thing exists.

Self-edits are great, yes, but also time-consuming. That’s why automatic editing tools are created so we can quickly do our much-needed edits before the deadline haunts us to our sleep. So with that said, here are the best automatic writing editors on the web for your writing needs.

  1. Grammarly
  2. Without a doubt, Grammarly is the best grammar and word editor tool out there. It offers free and premium subscriptions so you can avail whatever offer you want to.
  3. Price: Depending on your chosen subscription, it goes like this.
  4. Monthly – $29.95
  5. Quarterly – $59.95
  6. Yearly – $139.95

  7. How to use it: All you need to do is upload your write-ups into their site. Once done, Grammarly will check it for a short while before showing up results. After checking, it will list all grammatical errors and incorrect use of words on the right side of the screen. Not only that, but it will also give you suggestions to make your sentence structure a tad better.

  8. Advantages: It’s fast, easy to use, and better than Microsoft’s own grammar checker baked inside their Office apps.

  9. Why It’s Best: For people that are new to the writing scene, Grammarly will help you create clean articles in seconds. It’s best used for the final proofreading stage.

  10. ProWritingAid
  11. This tool analyzes your writing and shows reports of overused words, incorrect use of grammar, repetitive phrases, and the like.
  12. Price: Just like Grammarly, it offers free and premium services.
  13. 1 year: $60
  14. 2 years: $90
  15. 3 years: $120
  16. Lifetime: $210

  17. How to use it: Go to their website, log in, and copy-paste your text into their very own editing tool.

  18. Advantages: Even though they have a premium service, you can have a clean write-up even though you’re only a free member.

  19. Why It’s Best: Best used for writers to aid them in the self-editing stage. Although not as feature-rich like Grammarly, it offers decent enough tools to be included in this list.

  20. AutoCrit
  21. This is another tool that analyzes your paper for improvement. It analyzes areas such as pacing and momentum, dialogue, strong writing, word choice, and repetition. What’s even fun is that you can compare your own work with world’s renowned authors such as Stephen Kind or J.K. Rowling.
  22. Price: There are three different levels for this tool and these are
  23. Basic: $10 a month
  24. Pro: $30 a month
  25. Elite: $80 per month

  26. How to use it: Paste your work on their dashboard or just upload the document just like what you did on Grammarly.

  27. Advantages: It will not only check your write-ups; it will also teach you how to write well and helps you identify repetitive words. Thus, helping you construct a more readable sentence in just seconds.

  28. Why It’s Best: AutoCrit is great for those who are in the self-editing stage.

  29. After The Deadline
  30. Just like Grammarly, it is a grammar checker.
  31. Price: Free. Yes, you heard that right, it’s free!

  32. How to use it: Go to their website, click “Demonstration”, paste your text and click “Check Writing”. Once done, After The Deadline will scan your work for any issues.

  33. Advantages: Probably the biggest plus on this tool is that it comes completely free-of-charge. You can use it whenever you want without worrying about an empty bank account.

  34. Why It’s Best: What you see is what you get and it comes in a zero price tag. Best used for final proofreading and very user-friendly.

  35. WordRake
  36. WordRake helps you cut out unnecessary wording out of your write-ups. It works with your desktop apps too such as Microsoft Word and Outlook.
  37. Price: The price depends on whatever desktop app you are using it to.
  38. Microsoft Word version: $129 for 1 year / $259 for 3 years
  39. Microsoft Word and Outlook bundle: $199 for 1 year / $399 for 3 years

  40. How to use it: This tool is an extension for both Word and Outlook. Once installed, all you need to do is select the text you want to edit, and use the WordRake plug-in to start scanning for word errors and such.

  41. Advantages: Great at eliminating unnecessary words and phrases. No need to open a browser and go to a website, WordRake works at the heart of your preferred desktop application.

  42. Why It’s Best: It is a great tool for the copyediting stage. Verbose writers and authors alike that want to cut down on editing costs or editors looking to speed up their editing process will most benefit from WordRake.

  43. Hemingway
  44. This tool is another word and sentence check tool that provides readability score to rate your work.
  45. Price: Free when using a browser, $20 for the desktop app. If I were you, I would opt on using the browser version any day.
  • How to use it: Paste your text into their dedicated dashboard and wait for it as they scan different sections of your text. The scanned texts are highlighted with different colors depending on what type of error it is.
  • Advantages: It provides examples of how to fix passive voice or complex phrases. Not only that, but Hemingway also identifies how many “-ly” adverbs and passive voice sentences you have made and suggests a maximum number to use based on your preferred word count.
  • Why It’s Best: Hemingway App increases the readability and sentence structure of your writing and identify problems especially at the copyediting stage.

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