If it’s your first time as a freelance writer, you are probably bombarded with lots of networking tasks from your boss. Networking is indeed important for a business to grow. And with it, your company can build relationships that can lead to referrals and lots of opportunities along the way.

Enter reality; it’s not an easy task to do. Of course, you can hold conferences, but they can be costly especially if you’re just new on the job. So how can we easily do networking for first-time freelance writers? Here are five tips down below.

  1. Connect
  2. The first thing you should do is to find inspiration by seeking out role models. If you are part of a freelance writer society, find someone that is ahead of you and use him/her as your inspiration for success. This is vital especially if you’re starting from scratch.

  3. Blog Commenting
  4. If you are into reading online blogs, then make connections by commenting on their content. This way, the writer will notice you eventually especially if you do it frequently. If you ever find their blog useful then say thank you. Who doesn’t want to be flattered and feel special that they helped someone, right?

  5. Email Your Queries
  6. Don’t just stop there, engage with the writer by emailing him/her some questions that you’ve wanted to ask. You’ll never know, they might give you some tips and tricks on how to write quality content. Confidence is key when doing such so if ever you have some questions that you want to get an answer with, then start typing and let the conversation flow.

  7. Keep in Touch
  8. Myriads of freelance writers are scattered in the web. If ever you chose someone that looks reliable to work with, then keeping in touch is key for a successful networking. Follow him/her on their social media accounts and make sure to subscribe to their blog. You will gain knowledge and also new tips and tricks whenever your chosen writer posts an update. Staying in touch is a recipe for success especially in the world of business and writing.

  9. Friendliness is Key
  10. Lastly, just don’t be a jerk. Be friendly to your chosen writer/mentor to maintain your healthy relationship with one another. Communicate like real-world friends, act like you are really close to them. Always show a happy face and a friendly aura. However, there might be situations that no matter how friendly you are to them, you’ll still be rejected in the end. But that doesn’t happen too often in the world of writing. Writers love to engage with other fellow writers. This way, they can share ideas and work to help others to create quality content. Not to mention, the relationships and connections you’ve made really pay off.

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