The world of freelance writing is like a breath of fresh air for some. Because some of us don’t like to work outside, or being stuck in an office filled with toxic workmates. With a plethora of online jobs scattered around the web, freelance writing is still the best choice among the rest. With that said, here are ten important tips for your freelancing career.

  1. Submit a Presentable Portfolio
  2. First impression lasts they say. So if you want an employer to be impressed about your skills in writing, you have to put together a portfolio that will surely blow them away (now that’s a bit exaggerating). If you don’t have one just yet, then now is the time to start arranging one.

  3. Join Freelancing Platforms
  4. Lots of freelancing platforms are available on the web. Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr just to name a few. All of them offers great service with plenty of features that you will surely love. They can help you create connections and helps you find reliable employers that you can work with. Not just that, if you present high-quality write-ups, you will be ranked higher and your paycheck is probably bigger compared to others.

  5. Know Your Worth
  6. Speaking of paychecks, if you feel that the amount the paid you are not worth your skills, then ask for a better price. What’s the point of writing top-notch articles if they’re just going to pay you little, right? Be prepared on defending your side too since a lot of clients don’t know the value of high-quality content.

  7. Make Use of Editing Software
  8. Of course, we are not the master of all things because we still make mistakes after all. With that said, using writing tools is a must. Lots of tools are available out there such as Analyzer, Hemingway Editor, and of course, Grammarly being the most popular of them all.
  9. Be Unique
  10. Every writer’s dilemma is their inability to write using their own unique voice. If you are writing for a brand, you will write according to their voice and style. However, if you are writing for your own blog or for a newspaper, then this is your chance to shower the article with your unique creativity. It’s not an easy task to do, but you will eventually get there as long as you keep on writing.

  11. Get a White Noise Machine
  12. Being productive is another thing every writer is struggling at. That’s why investing in a white noise machine is a good idea. Benefits of a white noise machine include better sleep at night and productivity overload during the day. Getting enough rest is the key for top quality write-ups.

  13. Practice Until You Succeed
  14. Writing is not an instant skill that you can learn in a matter of days. In fact, it needs practice and most of all, dedication to become a writer. Just like an athlete, practice is a must so they can perform better in the field. The same goes for writing; you need to practice to produce top-notch articles for clients.

  15. Scout for a Niche
  16. The world of writing is a competitive one, and to become a professional in this field, you have to find and choose a niche that will take you in the right direction. If researching is your forte, then you might want to involve in academic writing. But if you are a person that is keen on writing their imagination, then creative writing is for you.

  17. Check Your Accounts
  18. Employers will surely contact you if you have a good profile across the internet. What you can do is to check all your social media profiles and also on your freelance platforms. Update your profile by providing information about your skills, education, and of course, work experience in the writing field. Having a profile that is filled with work-related stuff is a big plus.

  19. Time Management is Key
  20. Lastly, you need to work on your time management. Being a freelance writer is not all roses and butterflies. In fact, it can turn into a disaster if you have lots of pending tasks that are not done yet. As a freelance writer, you need to be organized and well-prepared. You can make use of sticky notes that you can stick it up on your desk to remind you about important work matters. Remember, every detail counts in the world of freelancing.

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