The internet is like a sea of content. Not only content, but ads are also there too that swims like fishes. Now before you throw hate comments toward your computer screen, ads are important for every business. Of course, we are talking about helpful ads, not the ones that suddenly pops up on your screen telling you that you’ve won something. In this piece, we are going to teach you copywriters out there how to write an ad copy effectively.

  1. Think About the User
  2. People mostly click on ads because they want something that can help their problems. They don’t click ads because it’s cool, nor they click for the sake of getting viruses either. With that said, you must create ads that are useful for the user. Sit down, think of the user and what they want to accomplish from your product. Then start constructing sentences that will make them click on your ad.

  3. Include Stats on Your Headlines
  4. Be straight to the point on creating your ad. Preferably, you can add numbers or stats on your headlines to let users know how well your products are compared to others. Be it the price or the number of people using your product; you name it! This will make your ad look convincing and people will surely click on your ad without a doubt.

  5. Make Use of Users’ Sense of Entitlement
  6. This seems like a bad idea, but hey at least it works. We live in a selfish society so why not act selfishly when it comes to copywriting, right? For example, you are writing an ad about divorce; then you include the phrase “To Protect Your Best Interests”. Now that’s one way to lure customers into your divorce services. Appealing a sense of entitlement to your prospects is a great way to create an emotional connection with such.

  7. Target Customer’s Emotional Side
  8. Speaking of being emotional, there’s nothing better than creating a powerful emotional online response. Of course, don’t be harsh or else you will scare your customers away. This is the best way to effectively write a clickbait ad, not the one showing you’ve won a million dollars or something which is too impossible. The emotional response will depend on what kind of effect do you want to convey. Be it anger, disgust, or even fear just for the sake of provoking an emotional message to the user. It’s up to them on how they deal with such. Just don’t go too overboard or else you will create a bad reputation for your very own brand.

  9. Create Keyword-Rich URLs
  10. Too many companies tend to overlook the impact of their URLs. What they didn’t know is that it is the most powerful tool for business success. A display URL serves two purposes: Contains top keywords about your site or providing relevant and interesting info to your ad copies. Play around with powerful keywords that are relevant to your ad and content; you will gain more customer attraction if you do.

  11. Put Your Best Headline at Top
  12. Google allows more than 300 words when creating headlines for ads. Now that seems like an opportunity to create more engaging descriptions for your products. However, it all went downhill when viewing it either on a desktop or mobile. In desktop, there’s nothing wrong with it thanks to more screen space. Mobile, on the other hand, has less screen space which will make some details on your headlines cut out. To sort this kind of situation, put your best headline at the top, or create different headlines for both desktop and mobile.

  13. Respond Preemptively to Objections
  14. It’s very competitive in the world of business. Operating in a crowded market is a challenge with two of the most common objections come into play: the cost of the product and the hassle. However, you can preempt these obstacles by using your wits and brains.

  15. Focus On What Matters
  16. Remember the first tip? People want a solution to their problems, not how awesome your company or website is. That’s why you should focus on what matters especially the benefits your products or ad bring to consumers. And by following the tips listed above, you can create effective and compelling ads in no time.

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