Seven Ways to Earn Cash Using Your Writing Skills

Did you know? That just by writing, you will turn your words into cash? Yes, it is possible. If you want to write a book, then go on! Start creating your ideas into reality, publish it, and create millions of copies to be sold in different countries.

However, it’s not as easy as that, especially if you have little experience in the world of writing. But if you want to hone your skills, start by writing what you love. Be it poetry, short stories, freelance writing, anything that you are fond of. What’s important is you have to keep going to keep the fire burning of your writing skills.

But if you want to create and maintain a financial foundation for your career as a writer, you need to think outside the box. You need to strategize something that is beyond yourself as a writer. You may want to ask yourself, “What can I do to encourage myself to write while earning at the same time?” And that brings us to our list below. What you can find here are seven ways to earn money while writing. Let’s dive in!

  1. Traditional Publishing
  2. A lot of authors see traditional publishing as the most effective way to earn by creating their works of art through writing. However, some reports show that at least 70% of authors don’t earn much when opting for one. And that brings us to our second point.

  3. Self-Publishing
  4. To succeed in self-publishing a book, you need to strategize well. If you take a look at Kindle (Amazon’s popular book service), you will notice a lot of authors are self-publishing their own titles. But it’s not as simple as that. You cannot just write a book, publish it, and hope people will find it. You need to strategize and market it to gain customer attraction. If you don’t, then your creations will certainly go downhill.

  5. Freelance Writing
  6. Another way to earn cash using your writing skills is by doing freelance writing. It’s probably the easiest, yet the most exhausting way to earn while writing. However, you don’t have to be discouraged about that. If you already are a master of writing and have perfectly honed your English skills, then freelance writing is just a walk in the park. Not to mention, its wide range of benefits that can give you.

  7. Blogging
  8. If you enjoy creating quality online content, then blogging is for you. But if ever you choose blogging for your writing career, you need to be consistent on providing quality content for your fans. In the blogging world, it’s not only you that is keeping your blog alive; it’s your fans too.

  9. Editing/Related Writing Services
  10. If you’re a person that enjoys engaging with a group and discussing what works best and what doesn’t on creating a story, then you have a special place in the developmental editor area. If grammar correction is your thing, then you might be a copy editor. And if you are good at writing using someone else’s voice, then feel free to call yourself a ghostwriter.
  11. These writing-related services mentioned are in-demand these days. However, before you can enter one, you must strive hard to be noticed since the world of writing is like a huge arena where competition seems to take on forever. With that said, sell yourself as a writer! Fight for your skills whatever it takes!

  12. Teaching
  13. If you have the skills to form audible coherent word and sentences in public, then you might be a teacher in the making. Of course, it is a hard thing to do at first, but once you overcome your fears, a lot of doors will be opened and it’s up to you which one should you enter.
  14. Being a teacher also had its benefits such as bigger pay and the ability to speak what you want everyone to hear.

  15. Publishing
  16. If ever you are living in a county with myriads of publishing centers or writing-related business around town, then it’s best just to apply for a job there.
  17. If you want to create a business, then be “in” the business. Advantages include having your own workspace, as well as being around with people that have the same passion as yours. You will never work alone again at your home. Working outside in a publishing company is also a great way to make friends with the same profession. You never know, maybe you will find the love of your life in there.

Everything You Need to Know About Freelance Writing

If you ever think of becoming a freelance writer, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about freelance writing and what skills does it need to become a successful freelance writer on demand.

About Freelancing

  • A freelancer is someone that is self-employed and offers services to clients. That means you are the company. You are the owner and manager of your own business. Freelancers are scattered everywhere in the world and they are looking for workers across countries.

About Freelance Writing

  • Freelance writers have plenty of different jobs such as authoring, social media managing, ghostwriting, advertising, and writing articles for blogs, e-books, and more. If you have the skills in writing, then you are qualified to be a freelance writer. But what are the advantages of freelance writing compared to other jobs out there? Here are some:
  • Mobility: Work wherever you want as long as you have a laptop, high-quality internet connection, and of course, writing skills.
  • In-demand: The freelancing world is very competitive. But as long as you have the skills and provide top quality write-ups, then business companies will surely hire you without a doubt.
  • Flexibility: You can work at the heart of your own home depending on your liking and schedule.
  • Reliable Connections: Clients looking for writers are mostly good people and if you create a connection with them, they will probably keep coming back to you.

What Skills Do We Need to Become a Freelance Writer?

  • Now that you know what freelance writing is and its advantages, here are the skills you need to become a successful freelance writer:
  • English skills: You need to have good skills especially in spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Without them, why do you want to become a freelance writer in the first place?
  • Good citation use: To become a freelance writer, you need to know where to put appropriate citation and how to use them. It won’t take long to learn and you will gradually improve in the long run.
  • Research skills: You need to know how to make use of search engines and libraries. Also, lots of bad quality content are all over the internet, so you need to have the skills of finding the right one.
  • Creativity: This is important especially if you are writing ads, planning marketing frameworks, social media managing, and more.
  • Originality: You must know how to proofread your work to avoid plagiarism. Not to mention, learning Grammarly and Copyscape.
  • In addition to that, here are some additional skills that are related to writing that you should definitely practice on.
  • Learn how to do networking so you can keep track of all your clients.
  • Communication is key to a healthy relationship between you and your clients.
  • Be responsible for the tasks that are given to you. And also, pass them on time to avoid conflict.
  • Learn how to manage your time. Procrastination is a writer’s worst enemy that’s why time management is very important.
  • Be friendly! You will meet different clients with different personalities and it’s crucial that you know how to keep your cool when dealing with such.

Onwards to Your Freelancing Career

  • Now that you are ready, here are some things that you need to do to start your freelancing journey!
  • Prepare – a portfolio of your work.
  • Assemble – various references to help you out.
  • Manage – your money-related papers like your insurance and retirement ones.
  • Find – reliable clients that you can work with.
  • Scout – for trusted freelancing sites.


  • As you can see, being a freelance writer has plenty of advantages. As long as you have the skills and dedication to write, then what’s stopping you from becoming a freelance writer, right? So what are you waiting for? Start your freelance writing journey today!

Essential Tips Every Freelance Writer Should Know

The world of freelance writing is like a breath of fresh air for some. Because some of us don’t like to work outside, or being stuck in an office filled with toxic workmates. With a plethora of online jobs scattered around the web, freelance writing is still the best choice among the rest. With that said, here are ten important tips for your freelancing career.

  1. Submit a Presentable Portfolio
  2. First impression lasts they say. So if you want an employer to be impressed about your skills in writing, you have to put together a portfolio that will surely blow them away (now that’s a bit exaggerating). If you don’t have one just yet, then now is the time to start arranging one.

  3. Join Freelancing Platforms
  4. Lots of freelancing platforms are available on the web. Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr just to name a few. All of them offers great service with plenty of features that you will surely love. They can help you create connections and helps you find reliable employers that you can work with. Not just that, if you present high-quality write-ups, you will be ranked higher and your paycheck is probably bigger compared to others.

  5. Know Your Worth
  6. Speaking of paychecks, if you feel that the amount the paid you are not worth your skills, then ask for a better price. What’s the point of writing top-notch articles if they’re just going to pay you little, right? Be prepared on defending your side too since a lot of clients don’t know the value of high-quality content.

  7. Make Use of Editing Software
  8. Of course, we are not the master of all things because we still make mistakes after all. With that said, using writing tools is a must. Lots of tools are available out there such as Analyzer, Hemingway Editor, and of course, Grammarly being the most popular of them all.
  9. Be Unique
  10. Every writer’s dilemma is their inability to write using their own unique voice. If you are writing for a brand, you will write according to their voice and style. However, if you are writing for your own blog or for a newspaper, then this is your chance to shower the article with your unique creativity. It’s not an easy task to do, but you will eventually get there as long as you keep on writing.

  11. Get a White Noise Machine
  12. Being productive is another thing every writer is struggling at. That’s why investing in a white noise machine is a good idea. Benefits of a white noise machine include better sleep at night and productivity overload during the day. Getting enough rest is the key for top quality write-ups.

  13. Practice Until You Succeed
  14. Writing is not an instant skill that you can learn in a matter of days. In fact, it needs practice and most of all, dedication to become a writer. Just like an athlete, practice is a must so they can perform better in the field. The same goes for writing; you need to practice to produce top-notch articles for clients.

  15. Scout for a Niche
  16. The world of writing is a competitive one, and to become a professional in this field, you have to find and choose a niche that will take you in the right direction. If researching is your forte, then you might want to involve in academic writing. But if you are a person that is keen on writing their imagination, then creative writing is for you.

  17. Check Your Accounts
  18. Employers will surely contact you if you have a good profile across the internet. What you can do is to check all your social media profiles and also on your freelance platforms. Update your profile by providing information about your skills, education, and of course, work experience in the writing field. Having a profile that is filled with work-related stuff is a big plus.

  19. Time Management is Key
  20. Lastly, you need to work on your time management. Being a freelance writer is not all roses and butterflies. In fact, it can turn into a disaster if you have lots of pending tasks that are not done yet. As a freelance writer, you need to be organized and well-prepared. You can make use of sticky notes that you can stick it up on your desk to remind you about important work matters. Remember, every detail counts in the world of freelancing.

Eight Best Copywriting Tips Every Copywriter Should Know

The internet is like a sea of content. Not only content, but ads are also there too that swims like fishes. Now before you throw hate comments toward your computer screen, ads are important for every business. Of course, we are talking about helpful ads, not the ones that suddenly pops up on your screen telling you that you’ve won something. In this piece, we are going to teach you copywriters out there how to write an ad copy effectively.

  1. Think About the User
  2. People mostly click on ads because they want something that can help their problems. They don’t click ads because it’s cool, nor they click for the sake of getting viruses either. With that said, you must create ads that are useful for the user. Sit down, think of the user and what they want to accomplish from your product. Then start constructing sentences that will make them click on your ad.

  3. Include Stats on Your Headlines
  4. Be straight to the point on creating your ad. Preferably, you can add numbers or stats on your headlines to let users know how well your products are compared to others. Be it the price or the number of people using your product; you name it! This will make your ad look convincing and people will surely click on your ad without a doubt.

  5. Make Use of Users’ Sense of Entitlement
  6. This seems like a bad idea, but hey at least it works. We live in a selfish society so why not act selfishly when it comes to copywriting, right? For example, you are writing an ad about divorce; then you include the phrase “To Protect Your Best Interests”. Now that’s one way to lure customers into your divorce services. Appealing a sense of entitlement to your prospects is a great way to create an emotional connection with such.

  7. Target Customer’s Emotional Side
  8. Speaking of being emotional, there’s nothing better than creating a powerful emotional online response. Of course, don’t be harsh or else you will scare your customers away. This is the best way to effectively write a clickbait ad, not the one showing you’ve won a million dollars or something which is too impossible. The emotional response will depend on what kind of effect do you want to convey. Be it anger, disgust, or even fear just for the sake of provoking an emotional message to the user. It’s up to them on how they deal with such. Just don’t go too overboard or else you will create a bad reputation for your very own brand.

  9. Create Keyword-Rich URLs
  10. Too many companies tend to overlook the impact of their URLs. What they didn’t know is that it is the most powerful tool for business success. A display URL serves two purposes: Contains top keywords about your site or providing relevant and interesting info to your ad copies. Play around with powerful keywords that are relevant to your ad and content; you will gain more customer attraction if you do.

  11. Put Your Best Headline at Top
  12. Google allows more than 300 words when creating headlines for ads. Now that seems like an opportunity to create more engaging descriptions for your products. However, it all went downhill when viewing it either on a desktop or mobile. In desktop, there’s nothing wrong with it thanks to more screen space. Mobile, on the other hand, has less screen space which will make some details on your headlines cut out. To sort this kind of situation, put your best headline at the top, or create different headlines for both desktop and mobile.

  13. Respond Preemptively to Objections
  14. It’s very competitive in the world of business. Operating in a crowded market is a challenge with two of the most common objections come into play: the cost of the product and the hassle. However, you can preempt these obstacles by using your wits and brains.

  15. Focus On What Matters
  16. Remember the first tip? People want a solution to their problems, not how awesome your company or website is. That’s why you should focus on what matters especially the benefits your products or ad bring to consumers. And by following the tips listed above, you can create effective and compelling ads in no time.

Boost Your Business by Following These Five Simple Copywriting Tips

Even the most skilled writers out there still create mistakes. That means writing is a profession that requires a lot of hard work and brain cells. If you are new in the writing scene, especially in copywriting, then here are five simple tips that you can follow to bring life to your upcoming future campaigns.

  1. Stick to What’s Best
  2. First of all, keep things simple. People are not only hungry for content but are also longing for simplicity. If ever you are to write an opening grabber, keep it on a two to three sentence limit only. Then what follows is the actual product itself. Then, you have to write the benefits of the said product that can attract customer attention. See? It’s that simple.

  3. Prioritize Your Customers
  4. You are the only one that knows your clients. That said, you need to build a relationship with them to gain their trust. Having a connection between the two sides is a recipe for business success. Fully utilize your grabber to guide your consumers to the right path they want to take.

  5. Make Use of Wordplay
  6. Clients will likely appreciate your efforts for using your own unique style of wordplay. That said, don’t just create content that looks like made something by a 5th grader. Instead, create unique quality content that utilizes your use of wordplay.

  7. Spelling and Grammar Check
  8. Nobody is perfect, let alone writers like us. So before publishing, make it a habit to proofread your work for any grammatical and spelling errors. Consumers are more likely to visit your site if there are no errors to be found. Thus, increasing their trust in your business in the long run.

  9. Exclusives
  10. Combine words or use phrases that can really attract the attention of consumers. Such convincing examples include: “Limited Time Offer”, “Just for You”, and “Exclusive Deals”. That way, consumers will more likely purchase from your site.